Welcome to Veagle

We're glad to present you our projects, you can discover everything we have made ! What would make you happy today ?

Veagle presents you almost all of our projects, even if it is not finished ! All you have to do is to join our Discord server and register as a Veagle's beta-tester. Join our team right now ! You can also download our public products without being a beta-tester, it's also free and open-source !

Our products are hosted on Github, then you can see our open-source projects on our Github.

What's up ?

A project, a tutorial or a news you want to share ? Share it with the entire world on our brand new site : Infinidea, a social-media where you can share all you want in less than 3 minutes, and give a daily update of it !

We're curently working on some video-games, and much more stuff, click-here to see all of our projects in development and other products we 've already done.